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Recorte y Perfilado de cejas




Descanso de piernas

Leg rest



Rebajado con maquina

lowered with machine


Higiene: con productos cosméticos adecuados de características suaves.Abrasión: exfoliación en la superficie de la piel.Extracción: de comedones abiertos y cerrados, pústulas, pápulas, quistes de millium.Tonificación: aplicación de antiséptico.Humectación activa: máscara descongestiva para limpieza, y ácidos para peeling.Humectación pasiva: con gel, emulsión. No se retira.Protección: aplicación de pantalla solar.


Scar: neo (new) formation of connective tissue to repair the loss of substance. Scars are classified into these types: 1. Hypertrophic: Those growing inside the boundaries of the original wound. They often appear on flexion surfaces (abdomen) and practically always on tension zones. They appear after the operation. They disappear with compression therapy They tend […]


Sharply elevated, irregularly shaped lesion growing outside the boundaries of the original wound. It may be accompanied by pruritus (itchiness) and pain. It does not disappear with compression therapy. It may appear some months after surgical incision. It is more likely to appear in some parts, such as shoulders, ears. It is not directly associated […]


Superficial Acne: 1st degree: black and white spots. 2nd degree: papules and pustules. Deep Acne: 3rd degree: pustules and nodules. 4th degree: nodules and cysts. How does acne develop? Sometimes hair, tallow and skin cells get together and form a plug in the pore. The bacterium that is on the pore causes swelling. It is […]

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